The essence in the shaping of things come directly from the void, because what we believe to be essential is nothing but the withdrawal of the self not only in what we do, but in what we are.

Indeed every time I create I have a clear plan in mind, but then it is the creative power that takes over and manifests itself in what is universal. This is what I can ultimately recognise in my accomplished work of art and this is what life is all about.

Trying to explain what you actually want from a piece of work or, rather, what the work itself takes from you, is like attempting to find out the meaning of life.

Trying to express what you really feel in those deeply intimate moments is like looking at yourself in a mirror. I definitely enjoy those at once intimate and universal moments.

What really matters for me is the utmost degree of intimacy I manage to resume with the world around me and to put it into my work daily.